How to Join


Nelson and area youth between the ages of 12 and 18 are invited to join the squadron.

To join, just bring this form with you to one of our regular parades, Wednesday evening at 6:15 pm at the Nelson Eagles Hall


The Squadron also requires adult help, both with our Civilian Sponsor and as Officers.

  • Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The squadron is supported nationally by the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada, Provincially by the British Columbia Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada and locally by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.  Any member of the community is welcome to become a member of the local SSC.  The SSC support the squadron by fund raising and raising the squadrons visibility in the community.

  • Adult Staff

Volunteer Instructors: VI’s are local people that use their unique skills training the cadets on an as need basis.

Civilian Instructors: CI’s are local people that work at Squadron on a regular basis.  They receiving training from the Canadian Armed Forces to supplement the skills they bring to squadron.

Officers: Are adults that have committed to give the squadron the leadership needed to run the squadron.  They are members of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve Force and receive training provided the Canadian Armed Forces.  They work with the squadron in addition to their civilian careers.  Officers are paid for a portion of their work at the Squadron, for their training and have the opportunity to spend summers working at Cadet Training Centres located throughout Canada.  For more information about becoming a Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer, look here.

Anyone from the community can apply to be a VI, CI or Officer.

For more information, please call (250) 231-0710 or email